Welcome to Mōdern Recreation



Mōdern Recreation is a community for all. Here we drink ridiculously high grade coffee while giving a damn about the people behind the beans.

Mōdrec was founded by people who live in a small rural town north of Toronto, Ontario Canada; where specialty coffee is obsolete. Craving GREAT, DELICIOUSLY ROASTED SPECIALTY COFFEE, the founders went on an adventure to find the BEST roasters.

And, find them we did! We feature specialty coffee Roasters that are innovative and who are pioneering new roads of sustainability, quality and mad genius!

From roaster to single origin selection, Mōdern Recreation endeavours to bring you closer to everyone involved in the beans that are delivered, fresh, to you.

While we may not be the cheapest subscription out there, WE ARE THE BEST, delivering the world's best coffee to you, WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD!

By the way, we also promote liveable wages and support for poverty stricken farms, which is downright awesome!

That's Mōdern Recreation: individual expression measured in equal parts with emotion, character, and panache, with a damn fine cup of coffee to keep you company along the way. 

It's the best way to drink your coffee.