We know you have them, and hopefully we've covered most here, but if your thirst for knowledge runs even deeper, drop us a line at info@modrec.cc.

What the heck is ModRec?

Glad you asked! Click here.

How does the subscription work? Can I cancel at any time?

We ship our new series of coffees in the first week of each month. Your first payment happens on the day you join our ModRec subscription community. Ensuing payments start on the second month of your subscription and are processed on the first of each month. If you'd like to cancel, email us prior to the first of the month at info@modrec.cc and it will be done.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, ModRec is a caffeine curious global community. Barring any geopolitical circumstances outside our control, if you've got an address, we can deliver. 

Do you re-pack the coffee?

Absolutely not. The coffees in your ModRec box are packed by the roaster in their bags/boxes, because as you'll agree, original label art is rad. 

How can I find out what coffee will be featured in an upcoming series?

Who are you and who do you work for? Seriously, what's life without surprises? Stay connected with us, and we'll all share in the stoke together!

How much coffee comes in each box?

This varies depending on how each roaster packs their bags/boxes, and how exclusive the beans are. You will always get between 500-1,000 grams of whole bean coffee in each box.

How do you choose which coffee will be featured in a ModRec series?

We could say a few things about superior flavor, mouthfeel, and complexity here, but let's just say we pick up signals from the cosmos - that and some beautiful relationships built on mutual respect, admiration, and shared sensibilities. 

Are the coffees light, medium, or dark roasts?

The roasters we partner with are some of the world's best, so we put ourselves in their extremely capable hands. They present us with roasts that represent their own style and expression of each coffee. That said, by most people's definition, many of these roasts are "light" or "medium" roasts.

How fresh will the coffee be when it arrives?

Depending on where you live and when you receive your box you can always count on less than 4 weeks off the roast. 

When will my ModRec box arrive?

We feel the anticipation too. Orders are shipped the first week of every month, and, depending on where you inhabit this great planet, you can expect your box to arrive within two to three weeks.

I fell in love with the coffee from one of your series. How can I get more?

This can be a thing. Some of our series are exclusive roasts for the ModRec community and, as such, are limited to that series. What keeps us stoked is continually introducing you to new and electrifying roasters from unique places around the world and providing you with opportunities to taste coffee you otherwise wouldn't have access to. That said, depending on where you live, some of our partners can sell to you directly if you ask nicely. 

Will you ever repeat a series?

We may work with the same roaster again, however not within a 12-series cycle, and it will always be a unique roast per series. No matter what.

Are your coffees sustainable?

We work with some very conscientious roasters and connect you with them at every opportunity to let them tell you the stories about the people and places behind their coffees.

Why do I have to pay for shipping?

The world is a vast, complicated place, and we don't pretend to be experts in logistics. We price the box fairly and let the logistics experts do what they do, so that you get your box in a timely, efficient way.

Ok, so I have this amazing coffee, but how do I brew it?

Freestyle. Or however you usually brew your coffee. Or you can always check out that roaster's website for recipes and recommendations. Depends how many fcks you have to give. No judgments here.

What if if don't like the coffee, can I get a refund? 

Our roasters have all made a name for themselves sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee, and in some cases it may be unlike anything you've had previously. This is not a bad thing, but an adventure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Unfortunately, we can't be all things to all people. If a particular coffee is not to your liking, chalk your leap into the unknown up to experience. Try the next series and see if that's more your style.

I saw a roaster that I wanted to try but I can't seem to get their coffee - did I miss out?

Possibly! We feature a new roaster every series, because we (have ADHD) and crave the stoke of something new and different every month. While we might not feature the same roaster in a 12-month series, some of our featured roasters might in fact show up in another series down the road with a fresh roast for us...so stay tuned. Or check out their website to see if they can get you the goods directly. Sometimes you just can't live without it. We understand. 

Can I set up a subscription as a gift or multiple gifts?

Who wouldn't want to give this as a gift? Or buy a lot and be Santa Claus? We are currently working on this option, however, if your needs are immediate, hit us up at customorder@modrec.cc.

What if my ModRec box doesn't arrive?

Sometimes in life, it just doesn't go your way. And with international shipping, things can sometimes go wrong in transit. In most cases, claims can be made with the postal service for lost packages, but always drop us a line at info@modrec.cc. We'll endeavour to rectify the situation.

Where can I get ModRec swag?

From time to time, limited edition ModRec swag will be available on our website. If you're a part of our subscription community, you'll be the first to know.

I'd like to work with ModRec, how can I connect?

We like doing amazing things with amazing people, so hit us up at info@modrec.cc.


Adjective: characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.


Noun: refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like.


Adjective: characteristic of contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted

or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.


Noun: refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like.