bonavita one-touch coffee maker

bonavita one-touch coffee maker

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Sometimes it's just easier to press the START button. This maker has been tested and is easily the fav when it comes to auto-drip brewing.

Here's a list of WHY this coffee maker is perfect for you;

  • brews 8 cups
  • programmable auto-start timer with digital display
  • powerful and precise when it comes to maintaining optimal brewing temperature of 195℉ to 205℉ (91℃ - 96℃).
  • one-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground Coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • flat-bottomed filter basket and larger shower head allow for even better saturation and uniform extraction
  • durable stainless steel lined thermal carafe
  • carafe lid, filter basket, and shower head are dishwasher safe and all plastic is BPA-free

Uses standard #4 flat-bottomed filters

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