SERIES 11- Monogram Coffee, Calgary

The Bloody Caesar is a wildly popular Canadian cocktail. What started out as a Bloody Mary, Canadians took and added the one simple, but never without, ingredient; clam juice. Not only did this drink originate in Canada, it was conceived in, of all places, Calgary. A western city where the great Canadian plains transition into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Colloquially called "Cowtown".   "Cowtown" is in fact, a full on cosmopolitan, metropolitan, soaring and kinetic city. Bubbling right under that Big Oil façade is an effervescent food, arts and music scene, with a Rocky Mountain super chill vibe and a deadly sense of recreation. It also gets an enviable 332 sunshine days a year. And it's no wonder, then,...

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SERIES 03: Dispatch, Montréal

If you’ve had your ear to the ground at all you don’t need us to tell you that Montreal has pretty much defined “indie” in the last decade. As much as that word has been misappropriated of late, give yourself over to Montreal for one second and you’ll be drunk on a wicked cocktail of the savage creativity, vicious style, and maverick attitude that constitutes “indie”. In fact, we’re hard-pressed to find a Canadian city with more originality and street cred. Or a roaster named Chrissy Durcak and a coffee called Dispatch. Here’s a lesson in how it’s done. You start by cutting your chops at the best loved cafés in Montreal. Then you start cold brewing Vietnamese-style iced coffee...

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