Series 18: Pecora, Boca Del Monte | Veracruz, MX

Situated in a small town called Boca del Monte, among the expansive biodiversity and the subtropical forest between 960 and 800 meters above sea level, is a coffee plantation known for its hard work, ingenuity and unique processes. It's called Pecora 19°09'.


Pecora 19°09' has been cultivating and processing coffee that is focused greatly on quality not quantity. Planting a variety of Arabica coffee, the Pecora team preserves the native forest by taking care of the soil, water and fauna that the plantation shares the habitat with.


Pecora 19°09' keeps their eyes on the future, acknowledging that not everything is glamorous in this era of Specialty Coffee. The industry needs to get down to work if we, as consumers, want to continue to experience better coffees for a long time. And as consumers, we need to be more aware of the hard work that goes into these coffees, as well the true cost of such premium production.

By growing, developing and processing the coffee on site, the identities of each coffee is astoundingly superior and its terroir is nothing short of genius. In taking the best of each variety, every harvest cycle, the beans are developed through various processes of beneficiation, while always mindful of preserving water not contaminating it. 

"Each of our coffees represents a unique interpretation of our environment, capabilities and vision to the future."

Modrec presents Series 18: Pecora 19°09', Farm to Cup. It's as close to sustainability as you can get without literally buying a plane ticket and going there.

Pecora 19°09' is the very definition of Direct Trade, and what makes us at Mōdrec excited for the future. #TRUEDIRECTRADE

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