Series 17: Right Side Coffee | Castelldefels, Barcelona

When your parents import green coffee beans for a living and you grow up as a child exposed to the world of coffee, it's only a matter of time before a cup of coffee catches your attention and you confidently jump in.

At a young age, Joaquín Parra was surrounded by coffee and the creative possibilities of developing tasty coffee flooded his mind. As an artist and connoisseur of expression, Joaquín has uniquely discovered ways to highlight every coffee he roasts.

On a trip to Finca Las Nubes in Nicaragua, in 2011, Joaquín met his future business partner Javi. Together, they competed, that same year, in the Spanish Barista Competion, winning first place; and then, placing fourth in the World Championship.

The name Right Side Coffee, was inspired by that same side of the brain, which is responsible for creativity and passion. And those two characteristics fully embody this coffee genius, his team of coffee enthusiasts and their passion to develop the creativity found in coffee.

With tastiness a driving factor of developing green beans, Joaquín invests time and energy with every coffee producer he works with, guaranteeing quality in every cup he roasts. With respect for both the producer and their work, Right Side Coffee pays great attention to fair compensation for every link in their coffee train, having been known to pay 5-10 times more than market price for an excellent quality crop.

And, with these strong established relationships, Right Side is able to brilliantly focus on traceability, social and environmental sustainability as well as the transparency of each coffee lot. There is focus, in each lot, on discovering its flavour profile, which at times unveils new and exciting flavours.

Not only does Right Side's coffee stand alone but so do their bags. Partnering with artist El Puto Ken, who screen prints every single coffee bag with artistic expression from various artists, each bag is a piece of art!

Series 17 delivers, by far, the most artistic, creative and flavourful of coffees via Right Side Coffee. And this is an opportunity YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS. They are currently not shipping internationally. So, jump into creativity & expression and reserve Right Side Coffee today!

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