Series 16: Gardelli | Flori, Itay

Situated in Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region, is a city that is known for its prosperous agricultural, industrial centre and historically significant architecture and artistry. Forlí has been the birth place of many notable people so it's not surprising that we find the World Champion Roaster nested within this city.

Enter Rubens Gardelli, the Italian coffee disruptor and, dare we say, the "Elon Musk" of Roasting Specialty Coffee. Counter to what his fellow countrymen have determined as coffee, very dark and bitter (high quality robusta), Gardelli roasts (arabica) light and strives for perfection in every roast. And yes, he actually does the roasting!

Gardelli has many wins at the Italian Roasting Championship and holds multiple wins at the World Coffee Championship. And that's not all. Gardelli has a flood of competition wins:


  • 2nd place 2017 WCE Italy Brewers Cup  
  • 1st place 2017 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship 
  • 1st place 2016 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship 
  • World Brewers Cup 2015 PROJECT (single-tree lot, embryo-focused process, manual hulling) 
  • 1st place 2015 WCE Italy Brewers Cup 
  • 1st place 2015 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship 
  • 2nd place 2014 WCE World Brewers Cup 
  • 1st place 2014 WCE Italy Brewers Cup
  • 1st place 2014 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship



Gardelli, like most roasters, didn't have his sights set on coffee. In truth he has his Masters in Aviation and can pilot a plane very well. But his mother owned and ran a café, in Florí, that was in grave financial crisis. Gardelli came in to help, and it resulted in incredible passion for coffee, making a name for himself as "coffee itself"

Gardelli has inventively changed the landscape of single origin coffee, its growth, process and roasting. Gardelli began spending time searching for farmers that were willing to work with him and use his very particular cultivation process. He focused on Uganda, a single origin country with next to no reputation for producing amazing coffee. He was overwhelmed with the heaviness of poverty and knew that he could be of help. With farmers on board, Gardelli has become one of the first to use the natural method to process coffee beans instead of the widely used wet method process.

Gardelli is known for using single-tree lots when picking and roasting coffee. What does that mean? Well, when you receive a single origin coffee, those beans come from a multi tree lot, so the beans in your bag are from multiple trees of one single origin country. Gardelli takes this to a new level because when you drink his coffee, the beans in that bag come from just one tree! This isn't a practice for most roasters, if any at all.

Series 16 brings you the BEST of the BEST with Rubens Gardelli. Stay tuned as we continue to share with you Gardelli's story and expertise, the very reason why Series 16 is the MUST HAVE coffee box.

We leave you with Gardelli's interview after winning the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Championship. 

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