SERIES 12: Square One Coffee Roasters, Lancaster

If you were to rely solely on a map to form an impression of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area, you’d likely be profoundly misguided. From the West you can come to Lancaster through Mountville. But things get a little spicier if you come from the East, where you travel through the towns of Blue Ball, Intercourse, Fertility, and straight on to Paradise! 

But for all the details and information maps convey, these names are two dimensional and fall woefully short in expressing the soul of a place. And in this case, where you might not think to find a true pioneer and creative force for good in specialty coffee and the universe, it is precisely where you find her.

Jess Steffy is co-owner of Square One Coffee Roasters, an award-winning micro-roaster headquartered in Lancaster, PA. Operating for 10 years, Jess and husband Josh, having boot-stapped from day one, have legitimized the specialty coffee scene in Lancaster, becoming a sought out experience by all travellers. Jess also serves as the chair of the U.S. Competitions Committee, is a USBC Head Judge, a WBC Sensory Judge, and a licensed Q Grader. More importantly Jess has a massive heart. She is a tireless volunteer, mentor, and maverick. She’s also a dear friend, visionary and co-conspirator at ModRec, having curated our roasters from day one.

Possessing one of coffee’s most sophisticated and brilliant palette’s, you know these roasts will be la creme...and from the heart (not from Intercourse, or Blue Ball…).

It’s only fitting that as we wrap year one with Series 12 – we come full circle and finish with two exclusive roasts from Jess and SQ1 (much to her chagrin).

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