SERIES 10: Trunk Coffee, Nagoya

If there’s one place in the world that’s definitely happening right now, it’s Japan. A kaleidoscope of high technology, avant design, singular style, neon lights, pulsing music, mind bending anime…you could go on.

And then there’s Nagoya. Nagoya is noted as the most boring city in Japan.

But here’s the thing about boredom: it almost always precedes creativity, and a yielding of something original, expressive and imaginative. 

Enter Trunk Coffee: Yasuo Suzuki and Kiyohito Tanaka. They say boring places lower your expectations, but these two have put, not only Japan, but the world on notice that they are making some of the most daring, expressive and crazily progressive coffee on the planet earth, with every bit the style and panache that is distinctively Japanese. Wildly bright and juicy, full of eccentricity and dizzying complexity.

And as for Nagoya being boring…when a place is unencumbered by the distractions of tourist trappings, it opens your eyes to the real character that can so often be hidden by the façades. There’s a reason Trunk Coffee exists here. They know something most people don’t.


ModRec Series 10 invites you to partake in some deliciously progressive boredom that is Trunk Coffee, Japan.

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