SERIES 09: Dear Green Coffee Roasters, Glasglow

Glasgow is tough. People get glassed in Glasgow.

What’s this you ask?

A particular specialty of the Glaswegians is to use glass bottles as fighting weapons to settle differences, like say, wearing the wrong football colours, being in the wrong part of town, or maybe just being a little unhinged from too much Sunset Yellow FCF (the much-maligned artificial colouring that gives Irn Bru that certain glow).

Spend time in Glasgow and you’ll agree, it’s tough. But not tough in the total bullshit, outdated way described above.

Glasgow is tough because of people like Lisa Lawson, founder and chief roaster at Dear Green Coffee Co. Being a strong female entrepreneur, in a mostly male dominated industry while pioneering and revolutionizing the coffee industry in Scotland is tough. Breaking down barriers and developing direct trade with origin countries and growers, ensuring transparency, traceability and sustainability in every coffee is tough. Being steadfastly committed to ethics, values and doing things from the heart, as a business, and being, from the outset, a Living Wage Employer is tough.

So yeah, Glasgow is tough. It’s also one of the raddest cities on the planet bar none. A city where the slightest scratch of its surface reveals a deep arts and music culture, a wicked good food scene, and loads of people like Lisa turning international heads with proper Glaswegian toughness.

ModRec Series 09 presents Dear Green Coffee Roasters; the toughest coffee to date.

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