SERIES 06: Qūentin Cafe, Mexico

Ask around. Mexico City has its own pulse. Arguably sitting at the very cultural apex of the modern world, the city is a less sanitized, contradiction-filled kaleidoscope of all that matters. It’s a city where people from all walks of life can find common space and not even money can insulate you from the unpredictability, wild vitality, and the steady heartbeat of the streets. This city is bursting with willing collaborators and co-conspirators around every corner: firebrand artists, writers, poets, musicians, and chefs. The rest of the world somehow feels safe and sleepy, almost anesthetized, when compared to the colourful, gritty, explosive creativity that seems to flow freely here. This creative chaos has bred a unique vibrancy and authenticity that few cities on the planet can lay even a fraction of claim to. 

Meet Menachem and Salo, owners of Qūentin Café in Mexico City. These folks are roasting up some of the best beans known to humanity, sourced locally and from around the world. When asked why he does it, Menachem says “Coffee is a species that is in danger of extinction, so we are in the last decades of coffee, and we are trying to serve the best coffee that has been served in the history of mankind.”

That’s a tall order, sure. But it encompasses everything we love about Qūentin and Mexico City— that raw combination of consciousness, passion, and defiance. 

Series 06 is Qūentin Café, Mexico City, MX. 

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