SERIES 04: Square Mile Roasters, London

"Coffee is a dick." ~James Hoffmann. 

Yes, that James Hoffmann. 2007 World Barista Champion, author of The World Atlas of Coffee, and co-founder with Anette Moldvaer of the multi-award winning coffee roasting company in East London, Square Mile Coffee Roasters. The sometimes cheeky, James Hoffmann.

Quick backstory: The United Kingdom has been one of the world's greatest tea consumers since the eighteenth century. So you’d have to be a bit barmy to decide that you want to not only turn Londoners on to specialty coffee but to put London at the very apex of the global coffee map. It all could have easily gone to pot.

Getting there required stubborn dedication, obsessiveness, neurotic devotion and fanatical commitment, but James achieved all of the above while earning so much respect from his peers that the coffee world hangs on his every word. It’s a blinding achievement.

And sure, there was a lot more to our conversation beyond "coffee is a dick", but who are we to dismiss anything James Hoffmann says to us? He's such a gem.
ModRec Series 04 is 2 brilliant roasts from THE matchless Square Mile Coffee Roasters, East London, UK.

*We apologize for the blatant use of British slang in this piece.

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