SERIES 02: Talor & Jørgen, Norway

Although neon is a common element in the universe and the solar system, it's very rare on earth. Only by careful distillation of liquid air can it be extracted, and we all know the brilliant glow it gives off when electrically excited. Coffee roasting is common in virtually all corners of the globe, but in Oslo, Norway, when Talor and Jørgen touch the beans, a very rare cosmic occurrence takes place, and that has us electrically excited, glowing neon light.

It's a complicated story. She's Australian; he's Norwegian. And no, they aren't a couple. Their bios reveal an almost obscene embarrassment of coffee and personal highlights. It's both truly inspirational and bordering on depressing in a what-the-hell-have-I-accomplished sort of way. Let's just say this: lots of people can play instruments and play them well, but "few are the musicians". Ergo Talor and Jørgen. Few can express coffee with the level of exceptional wit, psychological depth, and emotional range the way they do.

And get this...neon is a noble gas and Norway is a kingdom —mind blown yet? Series 02 is two of Talor and Jørgen's roasts delivered to your door, in their original packaging.

Yes, Yes, and furthermore Yes. In neon light, please.

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