SERIES 01: Kaffibrügghusid, Iceland

Caring about what’s cool or not cool is decidedly uncool. But Iceland is an embarrassment of, well, super cool. There’s something about this chunk of volcanic lava in the North Atlantic that breeds an envious state of being. It’s a tough, fiercely independent, truly stylish country that makes the rest of us seem like we’re trying too hard. So, of course, we bring you, Sonja Bjork Grant.


For those in the know, Sonja is pure punk coffee royalty. Twenty-two years as a game changer in coffee; inventor of the Icelandic word for barista because there wasn’t one; founder of the Icelandic Barista Championship; founder of the World Barista Championship; and crowner of just about every barista champion in Europe. She’s so punk she started what’s now Reykjavik Roasters in 2008, smack in the middle of the global financial crisis.


This year, she launches her new roastery - Kaffibrugghúsið (pronounced Café-Brook-Who-Seth) - and has graciously agreed to drop some of her most covet-worthy beans on us.

We’re unabashedly stoked — it is enough to make a trip, hell, even a move to Iceland compulsory. Or you can sign up for ModRec Series 01 and get two of Sonja’s roasts, in her original packaging, delivered right to your door. Do you remember when Bjork broke free of the Sugarcubes and dropped Debut and your head exploded? Yeah, we’re getting close. Expect emotional transmissions.


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