The V60 Dripper is a newly developed brewing method that launch just over 10 years ago. The 60° angle allow one to produce a cup of coffee both bold and clean depending on the speed at which water is poured. 

Let's get to brewing...

water to coffee ratio 15:1

  1. Heat water (205 degrees).
  2. Weigh and grind coffee beans.
  3. Set dripper on a mug.
  4. Fold filter along crimped edge and place it in the dripper.
  5. Wet the filter with hot water, dispose of rinse water.
  6. Add grinds to filter.
  7. “Bloom” = wet grinds with first pour. Roughly 40 g of water. Goal is to wet all grinds.
  8. Bloom ends around 45 seconds after you started pouring.
  9. Continue adding water until final weight is reached, making sure not to overflow the filter and making sure to pour evenly around grinds, don’t pour all water directly into centre, or your extraction won’t be even.
  10. Once fully drained, remove the dripper from the mug and dispose of the grinds.


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