Bloom'n Coffee


BLOOMING, in the coffee world, is a BIG deal! But for many of us At-Home Brewers, we may not know how important it is to enjoying a GREAT cup of coffee. So let's tuck into the what, how and why.

What causes the BLOOM?

The procedure of roasting applies heat to the coffee beans which then causes carbon dioxide (C02) to become trapped inside the bean.

 How does coffee BLOOM? 

When the time comes to brew the coffee, you grind those fresh beans, and once hot water touches the grinds, immediately the beans begin to purge the carbon dioxide that’s been trapped inside. This causing effect BLOOMS.

Why is a BLOOM important? 

When coffee blooms it indicates that the coffee you’re drinking is FRESH. And, there’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.

Are you drinking fresh coffee?

Let us curate your coffee for you, so you can sit back and drink Bloom’n coffee every time!!